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Driving Demand and Revenue
by Transforming B2B Marketing Processes and People

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I was very pleased with the results we received from hiring Charles Besondy to help us plan how we reach our market. We really liked the Funnel Plan that we received. It is helping to shape how we create a positive and effective buyer's journey.

- CEO, IT Services

Marketing plans, messaging, campaigns, leadership, and training
that drive revenue and competitiveness.
A B2B marketing consultant and part-time CMO.


Besondy Demand™
for Marketing Plans & Implementation

Besondy Interim™ for
Part-Time and Temporary CMOiStock_000016985929Small
Besondy Align™ for
Sales & Marketing Alignment

sales and marketing alignment training workshop

Besondy Brand™
for Branding, Positioning & Messaging

Besondy Excel™ for
B2B Marketing Training

Besondy B2B Marketing Training

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