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Transforming B2B Marketing Processes and People to Drive Results

Demand Generation

Besondy Demand™ . Plan and implement an effective demand generation engine for achieving a revenue objective.

Branding & Positioning

Besondy Brand™. Develop a compelling positioning and messaging strategy that resonates with buyers and differentiates you from the competition.

Revenue Growth Planning, Sales & Marketing Alignment

 Besondy Align™. Align Marketing and Sales with an integrated, crystal-clear, demand generation plan for achieving a revenue target.

B2B Marketing Training

 Besondy Excel™. Elevate the capabilities of your marketing team through world-class B2B marketing training.

Part-Time CMO

Besondy Interim™. The ideal program for companies needing senior marketing leadership on a temporary or part-time basis.

I was very pleased with the results we received from hiring Charles Besondy to help us plan how we reach our market. We really liked the Funnel Plan that we received. It is helping to shape how we create a positive and effective buyer's journey.” - CEO, IT Services

Aligning the Marketing Function to a Bigger Mission

Mid-tier B2B companies look to Besondy for strategies, leadership, plans, and training that align marketing to the needs of the business and boost marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Known for dependability and integrity under fire, Besondy works effectively as consultant, or as a member of the leadership team in an interim management role.

Creating Rock Stars and Results

In too many B2B companies Marketing isn’t contributing all that it can to move the business forward.

Often this is due to a misunderstanding of the role of marketing; more often it is because there are serious gaps which prevent the marketing function from performing optimally.

Even with a bright and capable marketing team in place the marketing function can under-perform if there isn’t total alignment to the market, to the buyer, to the strategies of the business, and with Sales.

Besondy transforms Marketing processes and people to generate results.


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