Business to Business Marketing Strategies Developed and Implemented in Over 24 Industry Segments

Since 2006 Charles Besondy, in the role of B2B marketing consultant or part-time CMO, has developed and implemented business to business marketing strategies for over 24 companies in Texas, the Northeast, the West Coast, Britain, India, South Africa and Lebanon.

For each client he improves Marketing processes and people to raise the bar on the contribution that Marketing makes to the business.

This partial list of industries and product categories in which Besondy has worked as a marketing leader, consultant, or part-time CMO highlights his flexibility.

Clients Past and Present

Advanced Flow Engineering, Corona
AlienVault, San Mateo
Allen Technologies, Austin
AND Insurance Advisors, Austin
Austin Wranglers, Austin
Blue Fish Development Group, Austin
Boxx Technologies, Austin
Business Connexion, South Africa
Choice Bagging Equipment, Taylor
CentrexIT, San Diego
Cerius Interim Executive Solutions, Irvine
Computer Information Systems, Lebanon
C-Serv Commercial Services, Austin
Data Consult Group, Lebanon
ECi, Fort Worth
eClerx, New York, London, Mumbai
EPSIIA, Austin
FISERV Output Solutions, Austin
iTaggit, Austin
Lighthouse Consulting Services, Santa Monica
MyITpros, Austin
Northbound-DGS, Sunnyvale
ReachForce, Austin
Scio Development, Austin and Morelia
TestCo, Austin
Ward Transport & Logistics, Altoona

Industry Experience

Truck manufacturing
Auto parts manufacturing
Plastics manufacturing
Computer manufacturing
Materials handling equipment manufacturing
Graphics software
Multimedia software
Network management software
Communications software
Security software
Business management software
Transportation and logistics services
Pro sports franchise
Consumer Web services
IT services
Business process outsourcing
Demand generation services
Financial services technology
Financial services
Software testing services
Interactive patient care systems
Medical devices
Software testing outsourcing
Commercial services for businesses
eCommerce implementation