Avoiding Four Common Roadblocks to Successful Marketing Automation

Companies considering the adoption of a marketing automation system are advised to read this excellent post by Matt Smith of 3forward, and then look in the mirror. Matt’s article on the Marketing Automation Software Guide blog identifies four company characteristics that pretty much sum up the types of hurdles one can expect when moving to a marketing automation platform.

  1. Afraid of the water
  2. Blissfully ignorant
  3. Content challenged
  4. Buried in bureaucracy

Matt also suggests a “simple” solution for sales and marketing alignment, which I recommend that companies view as a starting point only. Companies who are developing and following best practices in this area are tackling the stubborn issue on more fronts, as I outlined in a previous post here, The Top-10 Processes that Align Sales and Marketing.

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  1. matthewsmith900
    matthewsmith900 says:

    Charles, Thanks for the comments on Avoiding Roadblocks to Marketing Automation. Your recommendation for “The Top-10 Processes that Align Sales and Marketing” is excellent advice. Seems more and more CMOs and Sales Leaders are realizing the benefits – this provides really specific steps to make it work in the real world. All the best, Matt Smith


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