A Marketing Plan B2B Executives Can Get Excited About

Companies in which Marketing and Sales Share a Single Planning Process Boost Revenue from New Business by 67%

Choose Besondy for a Great Marketing Plan,
or a Well-Managed Go-to-Market Initiative?

Besondy Demand™, World-Class Planning Process with Impeccable Execution

The success of any go-to-market initiative requires a solid plan, skilled people and sharp execution.  So, for your next new product launch or new market entry, rely on Besondy to drive the initiative for you while you and your team stay focused running the business. This is the best approach for company’s with limited marketing manpower. Besondy Demand™ is one of Besondy’s Managed Marketing Services.


What to Expect from the Besondy Demand™ Program

With Besondy you have a senior-level marketing executive and veteran of countless product launches at the helm of the initiative working side by side your team.

  1. Assess the gaps in data and research required to finalize the strategy
  2. Facilitate a Funnel Camp™ planning workshop for Marketing and Sales managers that generates a crystal clear, buyer-centric action plan and revenue funnel model.
  3. Assesse required resources to properly implement the plan
  4. Direct and/or implement the necessary marketing tactics
  5. Operate as an extension of your management team for 6+ months, often in the role as part-time CMO

Funnel Camp, Learn and Generate a World-Class Marketing Plan

Even companies with an adequate level of staffing in marketing and sales can struggle mightily to put together clear, measureable and aligned plans for how market share will increase and revenue generated. For these situations Besondy facilitates a powerful 3-day planning workshop called Funnel Camp. The outcome is a funnel plan everyone believes in, is excited about, and knows how to implement. What’s more, once the process is learned by your team it is repeatable therefore providing an efficient and effective way for sales and marketing plans to be generated. Learn more about the Funnel Camp and Funnel Plan.

funnel camp funnel planning by besondy

What to Expect from a Besondy-Facilitated Funnel Camp Process

In project mode, Besondy facilitates the Funnel Camp workshop while implementation of the plan is sole responsibility of your team.

  1. Assess the gaps in data and research required to finalize the strategy. Recommend ways to fill the gaps.
  2. Facilitate a Funnel Camp workshop for marketing and sales that generates a crystal clear action plan and revenue funnel model called Funnel Plan™
  3. Provide quarterly updates of the funnel plan model for your team.

I was very pleased with the results we received from hiring Charles Besondy to help us plan how we reach our market. We really liked the Funnel Plan that we received. It is helping to shape how we create a positive and effective buyer’s journey.

CEOIT Services

Being able to harness the team’s experience and boil it down to one page was
the difference between a strategy we could execute, and another big document that
gathered dust. We now had a plan that the whole senior management team had built, and
were therefore aligned and passionate about its execution.

PresidentTelecommunications Hardware Manufacturer

Best planning program I have been a part of.

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