Strategic Partners (formerly MathMarketing), Melbourne, Australia

In Australia, Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe, has served many leading and aspiring businesses who seek to align Sales and Marketing and pursue growth. Besondy is a certified Funnel Coach for in North America.

These include AAPT, AXA, CA, Cisco, Canon, Colonial, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Optus, Oracle, Perpetual, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Transfield Services, Vodafone, World Vision.

These businesses have been wrestling with at least one of a number of common problems:

  1. They lack a clear plan for growth;
  2. Their team has gaps in their B2B marketing skills;
  3. Members of their team just don’t ‘get it’; or
  4. Sales and Marketing are not aligned.

In addressing these common problems, created Funnel Logic™. Developed as a unique approach to sales and marketing, Funnel Logic unlocks the keys to B2B growth by:

  1. Understanding the buying process (we call it the Buyer’s Journey);
  2. Knowing how many buyers need to take each step and over what time;
  3. Selecting tactics capable of moving buyers through these steps; and
  4. Measuring the actual results and continuously improving.

Denary Corporate Development, Austin, TX

Denary Corporate Development combines the best capabilities of Investment Bankers and Business Advisers with a very experienced and hands-on team of senior executives to help Executive Teams and Boards:

  1. Accelerate Value Creation
  2. Acquire Companies and Secure Funding.
  3. Develop a Liquidity Strategy and Sell Their Company

Strategic Momentum, San Diego, CA and Austin, TX

Strategic Momentum works with companies in the electronics, software and telecommunications industry who want to dramatically increase employee performance and achieve extraordinary results. They have a 16-year track record of helping companies achieve strategic breakthroughs resulting in 400-800% growth in 3-5 years.

Unlike typical management consultants, Strategic Momentum first works with the executive team to bring forth authentic communications. This is necessary to declare the performance breakthrough and then build commitment and alignment to bring forth the declared breakthrough. Then it applies battle-hardened strategic and operational processes so the executive team has the tools to accomplish the declared breakthrough.

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions, Irvine, CA

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions is the leader in delivering interim executive management solutions with the innovation and speed that small to medium business needs to tackle their business opportunities or to mitigate risk.

Cerius leverages the skill and experience of its deep pool of Interim Executives, who bring the broadest array of industry and functional experience, to deliver best-in-class leadership on-demand to our customers.
Marketo, San Mateo, CA

Marketing Platform Partners

Act-On, Beaverton, OR

Act-On Software’s cloud-based integrated marketing platform is rapidly becoming the foundation for successful marketing departments in organizations of all sizes. Act-On’s highly intuitive user interface, complete online marketing tool set and affordable pricing starting at just $500/month have enabled the adoption of marketing automation technologies without dedicated IT support.

Genoo, Minneapolis, MN

Genoo was founded specifically to give Small-to-Midsize businesses an affordable yet full-featured set of online marketing tools, including marketing automation, that enables companies to generate more leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers.  Their current customers range from startups to $100 million in revenue.

Genoo is committed to providing the most comprehensive, integrated set of tools that makes it easy for marketers to maximize their marketing budget, and get a lot more done that impacts the bottom line growth of their organizations.

Marketo, San Mateo, CA

Marketo is the revenue performance management company, transforming how marketing and sales teams of all sizes work — and work together — to accelerate predictable revenue. Marketo’s solutions are both powerful and easy to use, providing explosive revenue growth throughout the revenue cycle from the earliest stages of demand generation and lead management to deal close and continued customer loyalty.