Building Brand Preference
through B2B Thought Leadershp

The Besondy Pinnacle™ Thought Leadership Service Puts Your B2B Brand on the Map by Building Authority, Trust and Awareness

Placing Trust and Authority over Buzz

Is B2B thought leadership something you want or need? As the owner or CEO of a B2B company, ask some of your customers what they value more in the companies they buy from. Trust, or buzz? Authority or hipness? Trust, authority, responsiveness, integrity and innovation are always held in higher esteem than flash-in-the-pan companies here today gone tomorrow.

The Path to Being Known as a Thought Leader

Being an innovative company is one thing. Being known as an innovative company is another. This is where the Besondy Pinnacle™ Thought Leadership service plays a critical role in your marketing strategy.

In this service program Besondy aligns a thought leadership strategy to the goals of the business and then implements a consistent proactive and reactive program to identify media opportunities for the topic experts in your company.

Any thought leader initiative is a marathon, not a sprint, and should not be seen as a way to put the CEO on the cover of Forbes in three months. On the other hand, if you want to see your company mentioned favorably and frequently in third party articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. This program is the right choice.

Besondy Pinnacle is one more service within the Managed Marketing Services portfolio at Besondy Consulting & Interim Management.

The Impact of a Thought Leadership Program

What can a consistent Thought Leadership initiative accomplish for your company?

  • Executives in the company are sought after by writers, bloggers, journalists
  • The company, it’s products or key executives are mentioned in the media
  • Your market sees the company as an authority in the field
  • Other websites link to content on your site, which improves search page ranking
  • Talented people are attracted to the company for employment
  • Current employees feel proud to work for the company
  • Relationships are formed with influential journalists, writers, and bloggers
  • Traffic to your website increases
  • Lead volume increases
  • Your company’s news releases are picked up by more media outlets

Typical Elements of a B2B Thought Leadership Program

  • Thought leadership strategy and plan, updated quarterly
  • Executive media coaching
  • Content strategy and development plan
  • Daily monitoring of media alerts that request sources on topics relevant to your company
  • Identify and segment the writers and journalists that write about topics relevant to your company
  • Build professional relationships with targeted media
  • Systematically pitch story ideas to targeted writers/bloggers/journalists
  • Build  a professional profile of key executives (“the experts”) within the databases that journalists use to find sources.
  • Push high-quality content to targeted writers/journalists/bloggers on a regular basis.
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