Forget about Branding. Get Marketing Closer to Revenue.

If you are a B2B marketer reading this your job could be in jeopardy and you don’t even know it.  If you are a CEO or CSO you’ll see why you tend to be frustrated by the marketing function at your company.

Try this. Make a list of all the tactics your demand generation campaigns include. For each of the tactics make a note of what the objective is.

In most companies a majority of the list includes tactics devoted to “building name awareness”, “getting our name out there”, “positioning the brand against the competition,” etc.   Good enough,  but what about the tactics that move buyers into and through the funnel?

If Marketing’s primary focus is on branding, it isn’t doing enough to partner with Sales in driving revenue.

How should a company view the role of  Marketing in its revenue generation process? I suggest you register for free 45-minute webinar on July 29 at 2:30 EDT.  This webinar is being presented by MathMarketing, a thought-leader in the area of sales and marketing alignment. (I am associated with Math Marketing as  a Funnel Coach in North America).

Here’s what will be covered:

  1. The 4 most common reasons Marketing fails to deliver accountable results
  2. 3 proven steps to get Marketing and Sales on the same, revenue-accountable track

If moving Marketing closer to revenue is important to you I suggest you register today.

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