Employment Outlook Not So Bad

What if you heard that over two-thirds of companies in the U.S. plan to hold staff levels steady in Q1 2009? That sounds like pretty good news relative to what we’ve been fed by the media the past few months. Granted, it is not a time of milk and honey and some industries and metro markets are worse off than others, but let’s be thankful that most companies are taking a wait and see position rather than slashing payroll further.

The latest Manpower Employment Survey was released today (December 9).  Of the 31,800 employers surveyed, 16% anticipate an increase in their staff levels during Q1, while 13% expect a reduction in payrolls, 67% expect no change, and 5% are undecided.

You can download the full report from Manpower’s site. The results for their global study are also available as are reports for individual SMA’s.

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