Growth of non-traditional employment

By Charles Besondy

The following excerpt from a Department of Labor report points to the trend for non-traditional employment in the U.S. The report deals with the topic in general and doesn’t focus on interim management or temporary executives.

“According to one national study, 65 percent of employers believed that, in the future, firms would increase their use of flexible staffing arrangements. The use of nontraditional workers fits with the evolving perceptions of employers regarding labor costs, competition, changing obligations, and potential litigation. “Just in time” workers mirror the successful industrial model of “just in time” inventories.”

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  1. Chuck Besondy
    Chuck Besondy says:

    Hugh, here is my page on LinkedIn. .

    From what I’ve leanred about IM the concept got its start in Europe due largely because of labor laws that make it very difficult to terminate employment. Companies see IMs as a flexible way to meet their requirements, and stay within the law without building a bloated organization. I’m not familiar with Singapore labor laws, but I suspect they are not like Euorpe’s.


  2. Hugh McGarry
    Hugh McGarry says:

    I’m a Singapore based Interim Manager/Exec and just came across your blog.
    Some very sound stuff here.

    Interestingly enough it appears that the IM business is in its infancy in Asia but no one seems able to determine exactly why. I suspect a supply-deman chicke and egg scenario.

    I would be happy to connect via LinkedIn for mutual benefit.

    Kind regards
    Hugh McGarry
    Managing Director
    Garnet Interim Resources Pte. Ltd.
    t: +65 6736 4417
    f: +65 6491 5638
    m: +65 9229 7685
    e: [email protected]


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