You Could be in My Interim Management Book

I have decided to write a book on the topic of interim management for the marketing function, and you can play a part. If you have hired or have considered hiring IMs for marketing roles I’d very much like to interview you for my book. Please post a comment if you have something to say on this topic and would like to be interviewed. For the rest of you, if you think a particular topic should be covered in the book, let me know.

There are some good books on interim management in general, but the focus of my book will be on the marketing department. I feel strongly that smart companies see IMs as excellent tools for staying nimble and quick within highly dynamic markets. IMs give companies the ability to bring in the perfect blend of experience and expertise at C-level, VP-level and Director-level positions. When the requirements change, it’s easy and painless for the company to change the talent mix. Not enough companies are using this model, however.

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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