Get ‘er Done

By Charles Besondy

I recently finished an engagement with a manufacturer of high-end computer systems for digital artists. Reflecting on the project I realized that it was a classic case for interim management.

The management team recognized that they had a common problem on their hands–a new product line had been conceived in Engineering and was under development. However, no product marketing or product management resources were available to validate customer requirements, develop positioning, create pricing strategy, set up a beta program, construct a go-to-market plan, etc. The company’s thin marketing resources were fully occupied with the support requirements for existing revenue-generating products.

So, management could have elected to tell their existing staff to suck it up and take on the considerable extra work for several months. However, this management team was smarter than that. They didn’t want to endanger the current revenue stream. They knew all too well how difficult it is to get business momentum in the air, and once achieved just how quickly it can stall, crash and burn if ignored.

This management team did the right thing. They brought in an interim manager (me!) to handle the product marketing duties for the new product line. With apologies to The Cable Guy, they chose to “Get ‘er Done!”

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