What Does the Future Marketing Agency Look Like? What if the Future Starts at Noon Today?

Marketing is evolving and so must the marketer and the marketing agency. Company management and marketers alike have to acknowledge that the skills, processes, technologies and channels necessary for effectiveness are very different from the past (even 5 years ago).

This doesn’t come as a surprise to companies with a level of marketing sophistication who have marketers that invest in “staying current”. It can be quite a shock for companies who have a 1990’s mind-set about marketing.

I’ve written on this topic before. Where are You in the Evolution from Mad Men to Marketing Geek?

Marketo, one of the leading marketing automation vendors, has published an excellent (if self-serving) Infographic about the marketing agency of the future. Caution: objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. While the Infographic proclaims theses characteristics as required for “the future”; I suggest the future is now.


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