Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Results

In a lot of B2B companies marketing and sales aren’t on the same page and this creates a severe obstacle to efficient revenue generation. Just about everyone talks about the problem. Few have adopted methods that solve the problem and generate convincing results.

If you want to hear first hand the secrets of companies who got the alignment right and  are growing 5.4% faster than their industry counterparts, winning 38% more proposals, and churning 36% fewer customer every year I suggest you register for a free online Forum produced by MathMarketing. I’ve seen this 45 minute program and it certainly opened my eyes.

The initial event is May 20 in U.S. time zones, but registration is closed. The next event is June 17.  Here are the times

US Pacific – 12.30pm
US Mountain – 1.30pm
US Central – 2.30pm
US  Eastern – 3.30pm

Here’s the link to register (and I’m told “space” is limited; the May 20 event became fully subscribed in less than 2 weeks).

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