Vitamins for Wounded Ducks

I was having coffee and discussing interim management with a well-respected business adviser and investor the other day. He pointed out an opportunity for interim marketing and interim sales that I hadn’t thought of before.

He correctly observed that nearly every venture capital and private equity firm has within their portfolio at least one company that has been in the portfolio for seven years or so and is struggling to reach the point where an equity event (IPO, M&A) is feasible. The investors want a return. Their management fees may be declining. He called these portfolio companies “wounded ducks”.

A change of management isn’t likely in the cards. A sharp candidate is going to see that the situation is extremely risky. Besides, the recruitment process would eat up too much valuable time. However, a breath of fresh perspective and vitality from an interim manager just might do the trick.

In these situations, why not bring in an interim sales and/or interim marketing manager with the right combination of domain/process expertise to make an all-out push for an agreed upon outcome? It’d be a mini-turnaround of sorts over a period of 3-9 months.

A solid idea worth considering.

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