Where are the Executives?

According to Manpower’s 2007 Talent Shortage Survey, “Management/Executive” is the 5th toughest job category for employers to fill right now due to a shortage of qualified candidates. Forty-one percent of the U.S. companies that Manpower surveyed reported having difficulty filling management positions.

Certainly baby boomer retirements are having an impact here. Furthermore, I suspect some industries have lost their luster and are having difficulty attracting younger managers. This is a problem that doesn’t need to exist.

When it comes to filling management-level positions too many companies are failing to consider interim executives or on-demand executives. There is a rich pool of senior managers and executives ready to step into any position and achieve results. What’s more, these on-demand execs bring a healthy objectivity to the role that is an added benefit.

I’m willing to bet that half of the open management positions could be filled with qualified managers within 30 days if the companies just shook off their old tired hiring practices.

Any company that limps along for more than two months without filling a key position has only itself to blame.

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